Earn Bin & Bin to Bonus Gem converting rules:

You can earn by watching the videos here. You will get 100 Bin by watching a single video. You can convert these Bin into Bonus Gem (100 Bin = 10 Bonus Gem).

Click the wallet icon in Ludo Zone to convert your Bin to Bonus Gem. Then click "Bin to Gem" button from there. After that, you can see total Bin in your account. You can see a box bellow the total Bin, here you have to put how many Bin you would like to convert to Gem. And finally click “Exchange” button. Now you can see that, your Bin have been converted to Bonus Gem.

You can use these Bonus Gem to earn Main Gem by playing Ludo on our Ludo Zone game. If you would like to earn Main Gem, you must have to play in "Online Multiplayer" or "Play with Friends" mode. So, you can now earn Main Gem. You can Withdraw these Main Gem by converting into Dollar anytime.